Employment Law Services and Settlement Agreements

We have Solicitors who specialise in employment law and discrimination and they provide expert advice to assist you in resolving disputes whether you are an employer or an employee.

Our Solicitors can provide advice to employees on issues relating to discrimination, unfair dismissal, redundancy, TUPE, unpaid wages, equal pay and settlement agreements.

We can also provide advice to employers whether in relation to a pending claim by an employee against your business, or to ensure appropriate policies and procedures are in place to protect your business and adequately safeguard your employees’ rights and interests.

Whether you are an employer or an employee and there is a complaint or dispute, in one form or another, we would urge you to take advice from a Solicitor regarding the issue immediately as there are very strict time limits which must be observed when bringing certain types of claims.

Here at Laker Legal Solicitors we have Solicitors in Lancaster, Kendal, Preston, Manchester, London, Maidstone and Kings Hill who can assist you. Please simply contact us to discuss your matter.