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The breakdown of any relationship is always a very emotional and upsetting time and often a time for great confusion, uncertainty and fear of the future. We are expert divorce solicitors and have collectively provided divorce advice to thousands of clients over many decades of legal practice.

Your situation is sensitive and our divorce solicitors will provide you with bespoke divorce advice tailored to your exact circumstances. This will cover the divorce process, all matters relating to divorce law and also any children or financial matters arising out of the divorce.

We are a Lexcel Accredited firm of Solicitors meaning we adhere to the highest standards of client care. We also adhere to the Resolution Code of Conduct when dealing with divorce and family law disputes. We take a holistic approach to your unique and individual circumstances and provide you with strategic, sensible and pragmatic advice, based on our solid experience of a wide range of all divorce law cases.

We shall be transparent about costs in your case from the very outset. We provide fixed fees for the divorce process itself. In respect of financial matters upon divorce, our charges are based upon time spent on your matter and we provide estimates of costs in a variety of situations.

We offer divorce services to a full range of privately paying clients whatever their circumstances or background covering all aspects of :

  • Divorce proceedings
  • All financial matters upon divorce
  • Children, and Child arrangements
  • Separation prior to divorce
  • Civil partnerships and Civil Partnership Dissolution
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements  

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Our divorce services

Divorce proceedings

The law changed in April 2022 enabling spouses to get divorced immediately without having to blame the other party for the breakdown of the marriage.

You can apply for a divorce either individually or as a couple providing the marriage has broken down irretrievably. This is now the main supporting divorce ground.

At the outset of your case, our divorce solicitors shall provide you with divorce advice covering the whole divorce process from start to finish. Whether you need ad hoc divorce advice, or representation throughout the whole divorce process, our Solicitors for divorce can assist you.

Divorce financial settlements

It is important to understand that the divorce process does not automatically deal with financial matters upon divorce.

You should always obtain a financial order upon divorce which is then approved by the Court. Ideally, this will be agreed with your Spouse and is called a “financial consent order”.

That is a key end target in each case and there are different methods of negotiating the terms to reach that end goal. For example, parties can embark upon Mediation, negotiations via Solicitors or Arbitration to resolve matters.

The financial order will deal with a variety of issues such as :

  • Your right to savings
  • Income, including spousal maintenance
  • Your rights to any property and property transfers
  • Any Pension Sharing Order
  • How savings or other investments are dealt with
  • How liabilities are dealt with, including mortgages
  • Any international assets
  • Business interests
  • Child maintenance or school fees.
  • Any lump payments
  • Any clean break or otherwise between the parties

Our expert divorce solicitors would advise you on what your rights are as a Spouse and fundamentally what sort of financial settlement would be fair in your situation. Fairness is paramount when dealing with divorce and associated financial matters. Full and frank financial disclosure should always be made and this is done by exchange of a document called a Form E.

Arrangements for children

Any child or children of the family will undoubtedly be at the forefront of your mind when seeking advice on divorce or separation.

It is important that you continue to co-parent effectively during the midst of separation or divorce to minimise the impact upon your child or children.

It is best if the arrangements for the child or children can continue to be dealt with amicably between the adults. If that is becoming difficult then our children solicitors can advise you on the best way forward.


It may be that you do not intend to divorce straight away and you simply wish to live apart pending a divorce in the future. Before making any decision, it is sensible to seek advice from one or our divorce Solicitors to ensure this is the best decision for you in the long term.

It may be suitable to draw up any interim agreement you may reach within a document called a Separation Agreement.

Civil partnerships

If you have entered into a civil partnership and that has broken down may now seek a Civil Partnership Dissolution.

Whether you are a heterosexual or a same sex couple, we can assist you from start to finish. If there are child arrangements and/or financial matters then these follow the same process as with a marriage, essentially the terminology is just different. 

Divorce law FAQs

How do you get a divorce?

You can either complete an application for divorce individually or together as a Couple.

Following that the application is then submitted either online via a portal or in paper format to a central divorce centre and a court fee is usually payable which is £593.

After the acknowledgment of service is completed and lodged with the Court the Applicant (previously Petitioner) can then apply for a conditional order (Decree Nisi) and then there is a 20 week period before the conditional order is formalised and ordered by the Court. This is known as the cooling off period.

You can then apply for a Final Order (previously decree absolute) 6 weeks after the Conditional Order. Usually there are financial matters to be resolved and you should be aware that the divorce itself does not end the financial matters upon divorce. This is a separate legal procedure.

If children matters are also not agreed then separate advice will be required in respect of the same.

We can provide advice on all issues.

How much does a divorce cost?

If you are the applicant the cost of divorce is from £595 + Vat (our fees) plus the Court fee of £593. Usually your spouse would share the court fee with you.

If you are the respondent, the cost of the divorce will be less and we charge from £200 + Vat.

Financial matters upon divorce are charged at an hourly rate and vary from case to case depending upon the issues and your specific situation.

If you do not have sufficient income but you have significant capital, which will be sold either during or at the conclusion of your case, we may be able to defer legal costs until such time.

How long does a divorce take?

In our experience anywhere from 8 – 12 months. If financial matters are to be resolved anywhere from 12 months to 24 months. Some case can be longer if they are more contentious or complex.

What are the grounds for Divorce in the UK?

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 brought about radical reforms to divorce law. The aim was to reduce conflict between the parties by removing the requirement for one of the parties to apply for a divorce based on the other parties` unreasonable behaviour if they hadn’t been separated for 2 years.

The no fault divorce is now live and well in practice for the better of family law.

What is no fault divorce?

The conduct of either party is now not required to be unreasonable. Couples can divorce without blaming each other as to who was at fault for the breakdown of the marriage.

Who pay the solicitors fees in a divorce in the UK?

The applicant issuing the application, in the first instance. It is common now to share the court fee. If the other party is represented it is common to factor in all legal costs and share them equally, subject to agreement and reasonable costs being incurred.

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What our clients say...

A big ‘thank you’ Richard from Steve and myself. Your time and attention you gave to both of us was remarkable. I’ve had dealings with many solicitors over the years, but have never received this level of service as you gave.

Mrs R – West Malling, Kent

A devastating event brought us to call on Laker Legal. We were put in touch with Mr John Hirst, and from the first moment we spoke to him we knew everything was going to be ok. Mr John Hirst, was always on the end of the Phone or Email, Kept in touch with us 100% of the time, and the support we received took so much pain off our family. All i can say is Thank you so much for everything you did for us.

Ms P - Maidstone

Best conveyancing experience ever. After two supposedly good law firms failed to even do the basics post instruction, for nearly 8 weeks, Jess at Laker Legal took on the difficult challenge of overseeing my purchase and completion in record time. Always proactive, very knowledgeable of her subject and extremely good communicator. I never had to chase the firm for anything. They always answered my calls efficiently. I can't praise them enough. What a wonderful experience.

I recommend Jess and would be very happy to use her again in the future.

Mrs A, Lancaster.

I am very pleased with Laker Legal firm, my Solicitor John Hirst, was extremely helpful throughout the drawing of my prenuptial agreement. A very professional and knowledgeable approach yet warm,and friendly enough to feel comfortable with in a situation that can be quite uncanny to discuss or uneasy as per say. Thankyou again!

Mrs V – London

I can highly recommend John Hirst at Laker Legal solicitors in Lancaster. He was superb from start to finish dealing with a very complex child arrangements case for me. A really decent guy and an excellent family law solicitor who genuinely cares about his clients. John was fully up to speed with my case at all times and we got the outcome we wanted.

Mr B, Kendal

I used the services of Jess and the team at Laker Legal as a first time buyer looking for properties to buy, near and around Bath.

Jess was fantastic, in her communication during the process as well as her knowledge and ability during the conveyancing process. She helped me make informed decisions and ultimately find and purchase a wonderful home near Bath. Jess is adept at spotting potential issues during a purchase that I believe others may not.

She clearly excels at her craft and you will be in safe hands should you use her services too.


Jessica Blacow from Laker Legal Solicitors Lancaster pulled out every stop truly amazing lady / firm nothing was to much trouble I honestly felt like they was my friends not just a firm that wanted your money but a solicitor firm that cared with compassion I will use Laker Legal Solicitors Lancaster for all my needs in the future.

Mr T, Lancaster

Thank you for all your help and support over the last 12 months. You and the team at Laker Legal have been fantastic.
Sarah was lovely and really supportive yesterday.

Ms. W of Leyland

Thank you so much Richard, you have been so kind and patient with me when I have been at about the lowest point of my life after losing my wife, I can never thank you enough. I will also let my family know my wishes that Laker Legal Solicitors deal with my estate when that time comes.

Mr Y, Addington, Kent.

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