Commercial Property

Our team has considerable experience in acting for both landlords and tenants in all aspects of commercial property leases.

Many people, even those entering into a long term lease, will sign what is effectively a standard template lease that may not properly accommodate all their requirements and may even hinder them in properly conducting their business from the leased premises.

When a long term lease is entered into, for premises that may well form the base for the livelihood of a new business or organisation, it is important that both parties are aware of all their rights and obligations, including:

  • Length of the lease term
  • Is there an automatic right to renew?
  • Can this right be excluded?
  • What repair and maintenance obligations are there for both landlord and tenant?
  • Does the Lease allow the business to operate freely or does it restrict certain types of business being conducted from the premises?
  • Can the lease be assigned or the building sub-let?
  • Who pays the costs if enforcement or forfeiture proceedings are necessary?
  • Can improvements or alterations be made to the building or premises?
  • Can the landlord forfeit the lease and in what circumstances?
  • How often is the rent reviewed?

We can create bespoke lease agreements that accurately reflect your requirements.

We can also advise both the landlord and tenant in proceedings for forfeiture of the lease or pursuing rent arrears and the enforcement of covenants and rent clauses.

We also act for both landlord and tenants in relation to residential tenancies, eviction and enforcement action.

We offer fixed fees for commercial leases so please contact us today for a quote.