Domestic Violence

No party to any relationship should ever have to tolerate harassment or actual violence from their partner or former partner. If you find yourself in this unhappy situation it is very important that you seek help urgently.

We can act swiftly in order to make an application to the court for your immediate protection and in urgent and appropriate cases this can be done on an ex parte basis which means that protection would be granted to you urgently on an interim basis without your partner or former partner being in front of the court.

We realise that seeking help in such a situation is a very huge step for you to take.

Our commitment is to support you fully in your decision and to respond to your needs quickly and effectively in a crisis in order to protect you. It is never appropriate for your partner or ex-partner to use or to threaten to use violence against you or to be abusive towards you, or to harass you or pester you. Such conduct is never justified or deserved.

In addition to making what is called a non–molestation order which prohibits your partner or former partner from using or threatening violence, or being abusive, harassing or pestering you the court can also make an order defining or limiting who can occupy the family home. This means that the court can prohibit your partner or former partner in appropriate circumstances from living in the home or from coming within a certain distance of the home, or within a certain distance of you. The court can impose serious sanctions on anyone who breaches the terms of a non-molestation order.

If you are suffering harassment or domestic violence at the moment then there are certain self-help steps you can take as follows:

  • Please maintain a written record of any incidents recording them immediately they occur so that you have a contemporaneous record for the court. Some clients use a diary.
  • If you receive threatening or abusive messages on your phone then archive them to be used as evidence later.
  • If you have sustained any injuries then go to your general practitioner immediately for assistance.
  • If you have sustained any injuries then try to arrange for them to be photographed perhaps by a close relative or trusted friend.
  • Always report any incidents to the police because such action will always assist any application for a non-molestation order.
  • Finally you should make contact with us at the earliest possible stage. We will always be supportive, and obtain the protection you need swiftly.

Please contact us to see how we may be able to help at this difficult time.