Civil Partnerships

We are very happy to advise such couples on the procedural steps necessary in order to formalise their relationship.

The law now permits same-sex couples to register their relationship formally as a civil partnership.

The effects of entering into a formal civil partnership are virtually the same as for a married couple following marriage.

Like married couples civil partners enjoy a similar position in relation to pensions, inheritance, taxation, state benefits, and immigration. Any children born of either partner to the civil partnership are treated as children of your family and the non-biological parent’s relationship to the children is legally recognised by way of rights and responsibilities.If you wish to enter into a civil partnership then please contact us for assistance. We will be able to advise you about all the implications of what you are proposing. Some couples wish to regulate what would happen regarding their property and financial arrangements if they were to separate after entering into a civil partnership. If you wish to do this we can advise you in relation to the drawing up of a Prenuptial Agreement. You will need to consult us at an early stage and we would recommend you do so at least two months before your civil partnership ceremony is due to take place.

In the unhappy event of your civil partnership breaking down we can also advise you about the process of civil partnership dissolution. This is similar to divorcing and we are able to assist you with working out arrangements which are acceptable to you both in relation to your property and finances, and in relation to any children.

We are always very happy to have a free no obligation telephone consultation with you about any concerns you have in relation to civil partnerships. It is so vitally important to choose the right way forward for you personally in the event of your civil partnership breaking down.