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Getting married or entering a civil partnership can be an exciting prospect, but it is important to consider the financial impact such an arrangement can have on your life should you divorce or dissolve your partner in the future.

Our prenuptial agreement solicitors in Preston, Lancaster York and Maidstone can provide pragmatic advice and hands-on guidance to put financial measures in place.

The thought of a such an agreement can be daunting and often seen as an unromantic gesture, but they formally set out and regulate what you wish to happen in relation to finances if the relationship breaks down and you ultimately decide to divorce or dissolve your civil partnership.

Our skilful solicitors have handled a wide range of prenuptial agreement matters, including clients with substantial wealth, businesses, children from previous marriages, international aspects and more.

With our team by your side, you can be confident of receiving a service tailored entirely to you and your circumstances, no matter the situation. We always ensure your best interests are always met.

Our Solicitors in Preston, Lancaster and Maidstone have a wealth of expertise in matters including:

  • Advising on the terms of a prenuptial agreement
  • Drafting the agreement
  • Advising or drafting a postnuptial agreement

At Laker Legal, our solicitors can also provide advice and guidance in retrospect to postnuptial agreements, should you already be married or in a civil partnership.

Our family team includes members of the Family Accreditation Scheme and Resolution. At Laker Legal, all members of the team undertake robust professional development on a continuing basis to develop their knowledge and skills further, providing the best service for our clients.

Contact our Specialist Prenuptial Agreement Solicitors

If you require prenuptial agreement legal advice, please get in touch with our team. Our head office is located in Lancaster, but we also have offices in Bath, Kings Hill, Maidstone York and Preston for your convenience.

Simply complete our online contact form to request a call back. Our Solicitors can offer advice online via video conferencing, by phone or at one of our offices.

Advising on the terms of a prenuptial agreement

Should your partner present you with a prenuptial agreement, it’s crucial to seek advice from a solicitor.

At Laker Legal, our solicitors will carefully review any prenuptial agreement ensuring that it does not negatively impact you and meets your best interests.  Ultimately a prenuptial agreement must be fair in all the circumstances.

Where you are not entirely happy with the set terms presented to you, our solicitors can help with negotiations with your partner and their chosen solicitor, finding an agreement that is suitable for both of you.

At Laker Legal, we strive to keep stress levels to a minimum and ensure all negotiations are as amicable as possible, preventing any strain on your relationship.

Drafting a prenuptial agreement

If you are getting married or are due to enter a civil partnership with your partner and wish to have a prenuptial agreement in place, it’s important to speak to a legal professional.

Our solicitors at Laker Legal Solicitors can carefully provide advice on prenuptial agreements, including the benefits and limitations of them. Should you decide to proceed forward, our team will assist with drafting a robust prenuptial agreement.

Amending a prenuptial agreement

An already existing prenuptial agreement cannot be amended. Should you wish to change the terms of the agreement, you will need to end the prenup and create a postnuptial agreement. A prenup is prior to the marriage or partnership, and a postnup is during.

As well as prenuptial agreements, our solicitors have collective expertise drafting postnuptial agreements and can ensure your agreement continues to align with your circumstances and is in your best interests and those of any children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a document that clearly sets out a couple’s financial position and what would happen should the relationship end. In essence it plans the arrangements in the event of a separation.

How much is a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreement costs will entirely depend on the type of advice and assistance you are after, in addition to the law firm you choose to instruct.

Should you wish to work with Laker Legal Solicitors for all your prenuptial agreement needs, we charge a fixed fee rate from £1,250 plus VAT. Please contact a member of our team today for a clear cost estimate. This fee does not include negotiating the terms and is suited for the relatively straightforward agreements which we undertake.

How do you get a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can be made with the assistance of a solicitor, who will draft the contractual agreement well in advance of the 28 days before the marriage or civil partnership.

Most courts will not legally enforce the agreement made without the advice of a solicitor. For this reason, it is recommended to acquire prenuptial agreement advice from a specialist family law solicitor.

For a prenuptial agreement to be considered legally binding by the court, a number of factors must be met when executing the agreement. These include:

  • Both parties must enter the agreement freely
  • Both parties must fully understand the implications of the agreement
  • Both parties must receive independent legal advice
  • The agreement must be fair to both parties
  • The agreement must be executed as a contract and signed by both parties
  • The agreement must be made at least 28 days before the marriage is made official
  • The agreement cannot negatively impact any children
  • The agreement must meet both party’s needs
  • All financial circumstances must be mutually disclosed

How long does a prenuptial agreement last?

A prenuptial agreement lasts for the entire length of the marriage or civil partnership. It is, however, encouraged to review and amend your agreement when your circumstances dramatically change, meaning the terms are no longer a true representation of your financial position and/or relationship.

Examples include when having children, purchasing property, being made bankrupt, sustaining an injury or a substantial financial change to the parties` lives generally.

Please keep in mind that prenuptial agreements cannot be updated, but you can make a postnuptial agreement.

Can you cancel a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement in the UK can be cancelled should both parties agree to this. Both parties would need independent legal advice and a further Deed drawn up revoking the original agreement.

Contact our Specialist Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

If you require prenuptial agreement law advice, please get in touch with our team. Our head office is located in Lancaster, but we also have offices in Bath, Kings Hill, Maidstone Preston and York for your convenience.

Simply complete our online contact form to request a call back. Our family law solicitors can offer advice online via video conferencing, by phone or at one of our offices.


What our clients say...

I am very pleased with Laker Legal firm, my Solicitor John Hirst, was extremely helpful throughout the drawing of my prenuptial agreement. A very professional and knowledgeable approach yet warm,and friendly enough to feel comfortable with in a situation that can be quite uncanny to discuss or uneasy as per say. Thankyou again!

Mrs V – London

A big ‘thank you’ Richard from Steve and myself. Your time and attention you gave to both of us was remarkable. I’ve had dealings with many solicitors over the years, but have never received this level of service as you gave.

Mrs R – West Malling, Kent

Jessica Blacow from Laker Legal Solicitors Lancaster pulled out every stop truly amazing lady / firm nothing was to much trouble I honestly felt like they was my friends not just a firm that wanted your money but a solicitor firm that cared with compassion I will use Laker Legal Solicitors Lancaster for all my needs in the future.

Mr T, Lancaster

Best conveyancing experience ever. After two supposedly good law firms failed to even do the basics post instruction, for nearly 8 weeks, Jess at Laker Legal took on the difficult challenge of overseeing my purchase and completion in record time. Always proactive, very knowledgeable of her subject and extremely good communicator. I never had to chase the firm for anything. They always answered my calls efficiently. I can't praise them enough. What a wonderful experience.

I recommend Jess and would be very happy to use her again in the future.

Mrs A, Lancaster.

Thank you for all your help and support over the last 12 months. You and the team at Laker Legal have been fantastic.
Sarah was lovely and really supportive yesterday.

Ms. W of Leyland

I can highly recommend John Hirst at Laker Legal solicitors in Lancaster. He was superb from start to finish dealing with a very complex child arrangements case for me. A really decent guy and an excellent family law solicitor who genuinely cares about his clients. John was fully up to speed with my case at all times and we got the outcome we wanted.

Mr B, Kendal

A devastating event brought us to call on Laker Legal. We were put in touch with Mr John Hirst, and from the first moment we spoke to him we knew everything was going to be ok. Mr John Hirst, was always on the end of the Phone or Email, Kept in touch with us 100% of the time, and the support we received took so much pain off our family. All i can say is Thank you so much for everything you did for us.

Ms P - Maidstone

I used the services of Jess and the team at Laker Legal as a first time buyer looking for properties to buy, near and around Bath.

Jess was fantastic, in her communication during the process as well as her knowledge and ability during the conveyancing process. She helped me make informed decisions and ultimately find and purchase a wonderful home near Bath. Jess is adept at spotting potential issues during a purchase that I believe others may not.

She clearly excels at her craft and you will be in safe hands should you use her services too.


Thank you so much Richard, you have been so kind and patient with me when I have been at about the lowest point of my life after losing my wife, I can never thank you enough. I will also let my family know my wishes that Laker Legal Solicitors deal with my estate when that time comes.

Mr Y, Addington, Kent.

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