Probate & Intestacy

When someone dies then the executors of their Will are responsible for collecting the estate in and distributing it in accordance with the Will. Executors are formally appointed, by the deceased, in their Will.

If the deceased hasn`t made a Will then the closest relative will need to be approved by the High Court as a Personal Representative of the estate.

We are able to provide appropriate representation and advice to both Executors or Personal Representatives, at what is always a very difficult time for the family.

Many Solicitors and banks charge a percentage of the estate for dealing with the administration of an estate.  Here at Laker Legal Solicitors we believe that approach to be unfair and disproportionate. The firm`s fees are determined upon the complexity of the estate and not the size of the estate.

The firm`s national hourly charging rates are set at a maximum of £230 + VAT and that rate is for our most experienced Solicitors. Our practitioner’s hourly charging rates range between £150 – £220 + VAT depending upon their individual levels of experience.