Landlord & Tenant


We understand that a residential property is a very important asset and maximisation of its value is imperative.

Good and timely legal advice is therefore essential to make sure a satisfactory outcome is achieved.

One of the most common problems we encounter are tenants failing to pay their rent and the landlord wanting to recover possession of the property and the rent arrears. The procedure for legally evicting a tenant for non payment of rent or indeed any other breach of the lease such as damage or nuisance, can be a minefield of needlessly complicated technical issues making it extremely risky for a landlord acting as litigant in person to succeed without the proceedings being frustrated by either the defendant tenant or the court procedure.

Simple matters, such as an incorrect date on a notice, can result in proceedings being stayed and the whole process having to be re-started, causing substantial time delays, and of course, increased costs. This frustration is felt particularly keenly by those who rely on rental income from a second property to support themselves or their family, or keep up with mortgage payments.

We are able to provide you with expert advice applicable to your individual situation to ensure the most efficient and cost effective solution is reached.

We also offer advice to landlords in the following areas:

  • Possession Proceedings (rent arrears or otherwise)
  • Accelerated Possession Proceedings
  • Drafting Tenancy Agreements
  • Deposit Disputes
  • Dilapidations Claims
  • Statutory Notices


It is often more desirable for people to rent their home rather than purchase it, but being a tenant can result in problems. Disputes with the landlord can arise over many different issues such as rent arrears, property disrepair and breach of the tenancy agreement.

We can offer you advice on how best to handle a dispute with your landlord. This can include:

  • Advising you of your rights if you have received a notice to vacate your property.
  • Defending possession proceedings
  • Defending claims for rent arrears
  • Deposit disputes
  • Representation in Court
  • Claims for injuries from defective premises
  • Unlawful eviction claims

Please contact our expert Landlord & Tenant Solicitors and see how we can help.