Employment Law for Employees

If you are an Employee suffering problems at work it is so very important to know exactly what your rights are, so that the Employer cannot infringe your rights with impunity.

If your Employer has done something completely wrong and unfair against you, or even if he has grounds to take action, but has gone about it procedurally in an unfair way, then you may have redress against that Employer. A quick no obligation call to in order to check out your situation for free will put your mind at rest.

These are just some of the common problems we encounter:-

  • Clients often want us to look over the Compromise Agreement prepared by the Employer in order to check that they are fully and properly protected
  • Some clients wish us to negotiate the terms of their Compromise Agreement with their Employer so that they can be sure of securing the best possible terms upon Termination of Employment
  • Sometimes clients are presented with complicated Contracts of Employment or new and complicated Terms and Conditions of Employment and need help and guidance in that situation
  • Unfortunately sometimes clients are bullied and harassed at work or suffer discrimination and need to know where they stand and what rights they have
  • Many clients have grievances with their Employers and do not wish to face that situation alone but need help and advice during the course of the grievance process
  • In difficult economic times clients are often treated badly and inappropriately by their Employers, and those clients turn to us for advice and guidance about redundancy, and whether the Employer has followed correct procedures
  • Some clients are not aware of their rights in respect of ┬ámaternity and paternity issues and turn to us for advice and guidance
  • It is enormously difficult and stressful to face disciplinary action and possible dismissal alone. We are often consulted by clients at the very beginning of such action so that we can offer a helping hand from the outset, and give appropriate advice and guidance throughout

We offer a free telephone consultation, so contact us today.