Contracts of Employment

We can give advice to both employers and employees in relation to any issues concerning the operation of an existing contract of employment or the creation of a new one.

All new employees are entitled to receive a contract setting out the terms of their employment when they commence work with a new company or organisation, or at the very least, a written statement setting out in full the terms of their employment. An employment tribunal can award compensation of up to four weeks pay if a successful claim is made in relation to other employment proceedings and the tribunal found that the employee had no contract of employment or written statement.

As well as the obvious features such as the statement of duties and hours and rates of pay, an employer may need the contract to specify such issues as grievance procedures, confidentiality clauses, holiday and sickness pay, restrictive covenants and non-solicitation clauses, bonus payments, use of company equipment, pensions, notice periods and many other aspects, some which may be unique to the individual employer. We have drafted bespoke contracts of employment for our business clients who are taking on new staff. We can provide advice and assistance to an employee who has been sacked or subjected to disciplinary proceedings or has any queries or concerns arising from the terms of their employment contract.

Please feel free to contact us to see how we may be able to help at this difficult time.