Microchipping – A reminder to all dog owners

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Earlier this month it was announced that all dogs in England & Wales must be microchipped. The micro chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice and must be placed in every dog  unless a vet certifies the microchip would cause health issues to the dog.

It is reported that the main reason for the new law is due to missing pets. The chips will now contain details of the dog, and most importantly the owner, on a national database meaning contacting the owner of the missing dog is much more straight forward than previously.

This step should also, hopefully, serve as a deterrent to dog thieves who operate up and down the country searching for expensive pedigree pooches to sell on for a handsome profit. Cruel owners who cause their pets harm, by way of malnutrition or just a general lack of care for their welfare can now be tracked down and potentially prosecuted which in theory should reduce instances of animal cruelty.

If you own a dog, and haven’t yet had it microchipped, then you should do so immediately. If you haven’t then you run the risk of being served with a notice stating you have 21 days to comply or can be fined £500.00 and could face criminal prosecution meaning a criminal record for the owner. All owners’ details should also be kept up to date on the data base as failure to adhere to this requirement could also lead to a fine and prosecution. Any puppies will need to be chipped before they reach 8 weeks of age.

Petlog.org has some very useful information regarding the new law and it’s certainly worth a visit for all dog owners!

Finally, what is the price? Around a mere £20 and some vets are even offering the service for free in exchange for donations, therefore for those who haven`t acted yet then it’s best to do so as soon as possible!

All information is correct on the date of posting.