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In the current very difficult economic conditions for traditional high street legal practices, we are hearing from many consultants who approach us with an enquiry about joining us. Sometimes this is due to redundancies within their own firms and often they are being pushed to work even harder with increased workloads for less remuneration!

If you were working for yourself under our umbrella, as opposed to being driven hard and very much undervalued by an ungrateful employer, then the following benefits would be immediately available to you:-

You would be able to work hours to suit your own lifestyle and create your own satisfactory home/work life balance, rather than having to follow your employer’s own rigid work schedules.

You would be able to work from your own home if that is what you prefer. You would have the opportunity to earn a much higher income than you earn at the moment or will probably ever earn as an employee.

You would have the personal satisfaction of being able to control your own destiny without constantly being fearful that your future career and well-being is absolutely within the control of your employer.

More and more people are now deciding to examine in detail the feasibility of becoming one of our Specialist Legal Consultants because of these considerable benefits, and also because of the very unsatisfactory nature of the status quo of their current employment positions.

As part of our team if you were only to work for four recordable hours in each working day then you could earn at least £75,000 per annum for yourself.

How many employed Solicitors and Legal Executives do you know of, in the current economic climate, who are presently earning or who will ever hope to earn such an attractive income for themselves?

Laker Legal Solicitors operate throughout North West & South East England however the nature of our business model means that our Specialist Legal Consultants can work from anywhere they choose.

If you are interested in joining us as a specialist legal consultant in your own field of civil law expertise and wish to find out more please contact Richard Hirst via email , richard.hirst@lakerlegal.co.uk or see our contact/location pages for more details.

All information is correct on the date of posting.